The days of coordinating by email, time-sapping status meetings, and overbearing project management software are over.

Meld’s simple but powerful platform activates teams by keeping colleagues on the same page about what they can expect from each other.

Double your productivity

Replace time-wasting status meetings and emails with peer-generated pacts.

Make work meaningful

Teams work better when members are accountable to each other, not just the tasks in front of them

Save money and time

Meld is easy to use and flexibly priced.

Get Aligned and Be Accountable: The Meld Model

Real Accountability

By focusing on the ways peers rely on each other, teams remain engaged, committed and enthusiastic about their work.

Clear Communication

Everyone hates letting other people down, but sometimes it isn’t clear what needs to be done, or how to do it. Use our peer-to-peer “Pact” model to align people around a task and keep them informed of developments in real time.

True Alignment

Show up and deliver on important work just like you show up to meetings on your calendar. While traditional project management software can be great for planning, Meld keeps peers aligned to their commitments in real time.