Be more accountable and build trust with Meld People Alignment software

Agreements, not assignments. Meld’s pact-making process is designed to help people get on the same page about what needs to get done, how to do it and easily track progress as it happens. It’s more than project management — it’s people alignment.

How it Works

Make a Pact

What needs to get done? How will we do it? Easily propose tasks, get feedback from your peers on their scope and value and clarify expectations before any work begins.

  • Every pact has three roles: the Requestor, who usually proposes the work, the Actor, who will get the work done, and the Checker, who makes sure the task has actually been completed.
  • Make a pact for something you want to do, or use pacts to ask someone to get you what you need.

Opt-In Roles

Get collaborators on board who believe in what needs to be done. Clarify responsibilities and revise your commitments if plans change

  • Meld helps team members define the scope of the task, who is accountable for what, and the definition of done.
  • Work on a pact doesn’t start until everyone involved has accepted their role to ensure everyone is aligned on the scope and value of the work.
  • Stay nimble and keep everyone on the same page when plans change with Meld’s simple, integrated renegotiation process.

Track Progress

Easily track progress and see what’s underway and what people are waiting for.

  • Use the Meld app to ask questions, provide updates and share progress with others who need to know.
  • With Meld, you can see the tasks on today’s agenda in context with the rest of your team’s workload.

Verify Results

Generate objective, unbiased track records of what happened, and what didn’t.

  • Define an independent checker where necessary — someone who can give an unbiased take on whether the task has been completed.
  • Use Meld’s performance dashboard to keep tabs on the status of the entire team’s work, and learn how people are working together.