Communicating With Intention: Your 15-Minute Roadmap

At Meld, we use a daily 15-minute standup to help our client teams (and ourselves!) maintain alignment and understand peer dependencies.

At its core, a standup is an agreement to get together and briefly, but intentionally, discuss what’s going on that day. Stand-ups are not a rundown of everything happening. As powered by Meld, they are focused conversations to align team members and give them an understanding of how they depend on each other.

Guiding Principles Of A Meld Stand-up

  • Focus: Efforts are timely and relevant to current, shared goals
  • Openness: Communication flows freely and frequently
  • Commitment: Team members show up because they agree this work is important
  • Courage: Teams agree to tackle complex work in new ways together
  • Respect: All members of the team feel comfortable and supported

“Stand-ups are an absolutely necessary part of the process. By opening up the communication process we bring things into light so we can deal with them collectively.”

-Bill Hinz, Chief Strategy Officer, Hinz Consulting

The Scenario

Your organization agrees that project X is really important. There are meetings and the big boss is called in. Everyone is feeling the pressure.
However, project X continues to struggle and no one really knows why.
The team is stressed and not communicating. Either the deadline is
getting closer and anxiety is building OR you’re dealing with the same
problems over and over and the team is getting deflated. Even though
everyone says they’re committed, things just aren’t working.

The Meld Standup Toolkit

  • Iteration: We communicate and work together to identify actionable steps that can be achieved in smaller time frames
  • Flexibility: As we work, we will observe, learn from and adapt our processes in real time
  • Transparency: Work and coordination center around dependencies that are clearly stated and objectively defined so an outside third party could understand them.
  • Support: Dedicated external convening experts support your team