A Statement of Our Values

Our core philosophy at Meld begins and ends with people. People working together. People as agents for change. People creating solutions.

Since starting from nothing one year ago, we are proud to help drive change. We helped Latinx farmers build stronger businesses by reaching new markets for their produce. We engaged recent high school grads from an African-American community to explore their reliance on their peers to achieve life goals and overcome obstacles.

We do this work pro bono because we take our responsibility to give back seriously, and the work brings us joy. We grow so much as humans every time we show up, listen carefully, and receive priceless wisdom from others. Plus we learn how we can build a truly inclusive platform to support people everywhere working together.

Like many other organizations, we pause with intention to reflect on recent events in society.

We all have so much work to do together.

Let’s start by looking at each other as peers, as equal people who need each other, working together to chart out a better world, one that secures the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.